Hello, my name is Dan, and I created Shrimp Science.

I’ve always found invertebrates interesting and have been keeping shrimp tanks since early 2019. In that time I’ve bred and kept various types of shrimp, including:



Primarily, this website was built to help others get involved in the hobby of shrimp tanks and planted tanks.

At the time, there wasn’t a lot of easy to understand information for newcomers. I personally found it a little intimidating to get started. Some guides assumed you understood chemistry like Carbonate Hardness in water, and others barely mentioned it.

Shrimp Science is an attempt to simplify the complexities of managing aquariums and planted tanks.


Secondly, I wanted to provide clarity to some uncertain parts of the hobby. Sometimes the only answers you could find for questions would be forum posts and one-off comments somewhere.

I try to research these topics and get experience with the problems and solutions myself. This allows me to confidently share this information in way that can be easily found and understood by everyone.


I’m also a web developer.

The combination of this ability and being interested in keeping shrimp allows me to build helpful tools for everyone else, such as the Shrimp Suggester tool.

I’d often read questions on /r/shrimptank about whether two different shrimp could be kept together. To help answer these questions I built the tool that would compare the water parameters for different types of shrimp and check if they’re compatible tank mates.


The Shrimp Science website has three goals:

  • Make it easy for more people to join the shrimp tank hobby
  • Answer questions for shrimp keepers
  • Inspire others to experience new things in the hobby