Caridina cantonensis

The Taiwan Bee shrimp are also sometimes known as soft water shrimp, as they prefer water with a lower mineral content than Neocaridina shrimp for example. This can make this species slightly more difficult to keep, as if the tank water gets too hard it could cause issues with molting or reduce breeding.

These shrimp also prefer water that’s more acidic than most other species. In the wild these shrimp would be found in acidic rivers full of tannins from leaf litter that’s fallen from the trees. To keep the water at a pH below 7 requires either living in an area with very soft tap water, using active/buffering substrates, or mixing your own water.

Breeding Caridina shrimp can lead to some of the most interesting and pretty hybrids. For example, breeding a Crystal Red and a Tangerine Tiger should produce offspring like a Red Fancy Tiger, essentially a Crystal Red with tiger stripes.

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